Top Ten Travel Accessories

best travel accessories


With 100’s of travel accessories available it is sometimes difficult to choose which ones to buy and which to omit. My list gives a run down on the top ten must haves for any traveller.

1. Travel Adaptor. If you are traveling to a country where not everyone speaks English then you must consider getting a travel adaptor if you plan to visit more than one country on holiday. This will help to adapt to the local currency and will be useful for when you arrive in the country itself.Adaptors can be purchased new or used which gives you more options in the event of lost luggage which you may encounter if you take all your equipment in carry on bags.

2. Travel Wallet. When traveling you do not want to be taken for a ride by your wallet. You should carry cash in a secure pocket to avoid pickpockets. A good travel wallet will have inner compartments where you can keep your valuables safe. They often come with a money pocket for you to keep your money in. Never lose your money when you are traveling by air!

3. Concealed Waist Wallet. After you reach your destination and settled in at your hotel you will no longer need to carry around all your currency. I recommend that you just carry the cash you need for the day with you in your wallet. This makes it easier to deal with and you won’t eat you wallet when you are in a pickle!

4. Hat – Not only is it a good looking hat, but it is good for your health too. There are many if chances your erg. Cold, flu, insect bites can be keen. Take an eraser and tiny blade with you for some clean cuts and comfortable.

5. Firewood. It may sound odd to consider but if you are traveling and have firewood to burn, you may consider carrying it. You could fold it up, keeping it in your money wallet or travel wallet for when you are at your hotel, or restaurants.

6. Flashlight. Try and keep a flashlight on you at all times. I keep a Fenix on me at all times. It is small and easily stored in my wallet.

7. Cell Phone. See if you need a cell phone that is unlocked for use in the United States. Unlocked cell phones are increasingly difficult to purchase and may charge much more than a prepaid model. If you have a job and want to generate business while on vacation a cell phone is necessary. Also check with your plan to see if international roaming is available.

8. Small umbrella.

9. maps and guides. Remember this is your new home. You should take a small, light travel book with you to avoid accidentally leaving something behind. You may also want to buy a guide for the areas you will be visiting.

10. Patience. When dealing with bureaucracy or dealing with a country whose language you do not speak, you will want to be patient and remind yourself that patience is a virtue. In those situations, remind yourself that you will probably be only dealing with a handful of people that speak English and in many places, a friendly smile and a firm handshake are required.

I do hope this will help you be able to relax and enjoy your time traveling abroad.


Best Places for a Helicopter Tour

Best Helicopter Tour


If you are considering a helicopter tour but don’t know where, then here these mention some of the best places in the world you can visit to have an awesome experience with your loved ones. Here are some places that can seriously enhance your trip. Here are five places that can really make your trip worth every penny.

1.Grand Canyon: Located in the Southwestern part of the United States, the Grand Canyon has earned the title of the “Scenic Viewing Corridor”. This makes it one of the most popular places to visit because of the wonderful view it offers. You can also take helicopter tours if you are a nature lover since the scenery here is really breathtaking.

2.Santorini, Greece: This island is located in the Aegean Sea and offers its visitors a spectacular view of the volcanic activity and the Blue Lagoon. The view here is something you will never forget so if you have the budget for it, it would be wise to spend a couple of days here to take the full tour.

3.Thailand: If you want to visit Thailand, helicopter tours are your only option as the country does not have the best road network. However, the quality of the helicopter flights here is good so you can avoid the usual road traffic.

4.Hanoi, Vietnam: This city is the second largest in Vietnam and can be a great place to visit during your trip to the country to enjoy its beauty. It also has a very diverse culture in the area so you can learn more about it the next time you travel to it.

5.Seychelles: This island is located in the Indian Ocean and is a favorite for the luxurious cruise ships that sail around it. The only problem is that it has no physical shape and is mostly inhabited by wealthier Seychelles people that have finches for sale in nearby booths.

All these destinations will surely give you your money’s worth so next time, when you have some extra cash put away for your trip, to take a helicopter tour of some of the breathtaking places around the world, you can consider the following five places for your helicopter tour:

1.Costa Rica: Certainly not on the top10 list, Costa Rica is a great place to visit to enjoy a good and peaceful vacation. Some of the main attractions here are their beautiful beaches that can be a wonderful spot for a romantic Helicopter Tour.

2.Caribbean Islands: Choices here are very wide. They have lots of places to explore and activities to do. In the Mid-Atlantic region of the Caribbean Sea, you have the shallow waters of the coasts that are perfect for travel. They have lots of options to do as well, witness the surfing, play golf, and visit several pyramids.

3.Haiti: Finally, one of the most visited places on earth by tourists. This is a place that boasts of a rich history. It also has beautiful beaches that are considered to be of outstanding beauty.

Overall, there are thousands of tourist destinations that you can choose from. All you have to do is to do some research and find out the one that has the services that you need. Spend some time on the internet and find out the details of the place. Also, do not forget to take a friend or family with you to enjoy the trip. Have a nice trip!