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The seventh art one of the most important creations of humanity, black and white cinema was a good start for all, it was time where you could go with your family and enjoy a good movie, although there was also the so-called Drive-in Cinema where you could go In the car, you had the options to watch a movie comfortably, one of the disadvantages of cinema at the time is that as it was a novelty you had to make long queues to go see your favorite movie, but you had to go early to have available a seat since the seats were limited, then when entering the cinema you heard uncomfortable noises that did not allow to fully enjoy the movie.

Over the years and with the help of technology came the so-called club of movie rentals, in these places they rented movies in multiple formats vhs, betamax and dvd among other formats, this was the beginning of the real revolution in which the viewer taken full control of their movies being at home, the advantage of this is that you watched your favorite movie, you could overtake, move back or even stop the movie if you wanted and of course you were in the comfort of your home with your family . However, all this has limitations or disadvantages since you had to return the movies to the club and ask for another one in return.
The internet was another of man’s creations, it is the largest virtual library that exists, the movie lovers seeing the true potential of the internet, they used this great tool to create websites and upload movies that ended up changing completely the concept of the seventh art, at the beginning of all this to be a member of some web site of online movies you needed to cancel a quantity of money to have access to the catalog of movies, until here the advance to be able to see movies in a comfortable way was fine. However, something else was missing and these sites added the option to download the movies.
Currently there are many options you have to watch movies, to all the above you have to add the option of satellite television paying special packages or hiring the services of companies such as Netflix, HBO among others, despite being at home and being comfortable you cannot move to another site to watch your movies with other friends, it is also a somewhat expensive service and the limitations of days to watch your movies are still present
The most complete option without restrictions or limitations are the online movie websites where you can also download the movies, although the risk of being scammed is present since many of these sites just want to have access to your credit card, as well as many of these sites download software without your consent to get access to personal files, you have to be very careful, this is why the definitive option to watch movies online and of course download them is https://123movies.dev
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