A Simple & Complete guide to the best essential oil &brands:

Enriched with natural goodness, essential oils are the perfect alternative to harsh chemicals. The wellness and healing properties of essential oils are amazing and has been used worldwide for multiple purposes like aromatherapy, traditional/herbal medicine, yoga, into herbal concoctions, for skincare and sometimes in culinary too.  Essential oils are like holding a plant or flower in a bottle. Each essential oil has its own uniqueness and benefits. However, with varieties of single oils and blends laid out to you, the task of picking the right essential oil for you can be daunting.

Selecting high quality pure essential oils will ensure that you gain the benefits of essential oils to their fullest. Go through our simple guide to essential oils and we hope you get an idea for a right start!

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are pure extractions from plants, flowers, fruits, leaves/herbs, seeds, trees or bark i.e. basically from all good things the nature has offered for us. Every flower, plant and tree is unique in a way and so are the essential oils. Each one has its own uniqueness, fragrance, benefits, texture, how they are obtained, how they can be used and such. Essential oils have become formidable in skin, body and hair care. The aromas from essential oils have wonderful soothing and calming properties and that too it gets more interesting with each essential oil. They are quickly becoming a ‘must-have’ entity day by day and their wellness benefits speak for it.

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Tips To Choose Best Essential Oil And The Brand

High quality pure essential oils won’t burn your pocket but for sure they’ll cost you your hard earned money. That’s why you need to get yourself straight in choosing right essential oil from a reputed essential oil companies while factors like purity & quality goes without saying. Here are few important tips to choose the best essential oil and brand.

Essential Oil Purity

The real purity of essential oils is in the hands of the essential oil brand and we hope that they don’t screw it up. Jokes apart, determining the essential oil purity involves many stages including the quality of the land in which the source grows and the manufacturing practices. We have state-of-art purity tests and standards for essential oils like GC/MS tests, Heavy Metal Testing, USDA standards, COSMOS® ORGANIC standards. Some brands have their own well equipped labs to check the purity. So choose from reputed essential oil brand certified with high quality standards. It will not be possible to give you very pure essential oil at an affordable rate so don’t worry about the little bite from your pocket. Pure essential oils will be worth your money.

Add a drop or two of the essential oil that you wish to test on a piece of paper. Let the oil dry. See if it has stained the paper. The presence of stains or any oily substance means the essential oil might have some extra stuff like vegetable oil.

There are few essential oil which needs a carrier oil to enhance its benefits. In that case, your carrier oil should also be of 100% purity & quality. Don’t compromise yourself on the point that you have pure essential oil and just simple carrier oil is enough.

Essential Oil Extraction:

The best and highly recommended methods of essential oil extraction are through Cold-Press and Seam-Distillation in order to keep the potency and benefits intact. All reputed essential oil brands follow the above methods.

Choosing The Right Essential Oil For Your Purpose

A simple lemon essential oil can be of help in your skincare, hair care, in home remedies, just for the sake of good-smell to that of a good aromatic bath. So, if you’re looking for essential oil for any specific purpose like aromatherapy, diffusing, stress-relief, pain-relief, for kids, pets, as home freshener etc. then choose essential oils that are formulated especially for them instead of any single oil.

For ex:  Vetiver has more benefits including relaxation. But, ifyou need something specific like a good sleep-aid then just Vetiver is not enough. Gofor ‘essential oil blends’ which might have Vetiver along with other herbs to induce good sleep. Hope you got the point!

100% Organic

If you need to get full benefits of essential oils make sure that you buy 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil. Due to demand and popularity, the essential oils are highly prone to many duplicate synthetic versions with very affordable price which will tempt you to buy. The components of pure essential oils are highly-concentrated and even a hint of external factors like chemical preservatives, synthetics, additives or fragrance ingredient will mess their efficiency. Solook for genuinely certified essential oil brands that have undergone strict quality regulations and follows ethical and organic farming and sourcing of raw materials.

The Latin/Scientific Name

Looking for 100% pure lavender essential oil? Then which one will you choose, Is it L.angustifolia or L.intermedia? It is Confusing right. You need Lavendula angustifolia which is suitable for our purpose. This is the trick. Be careful and read the label to see if it’s the essential oil you really looking for. When choosing good essential oil please don’t forget to read the label and see the scientific/Latin name. Common names might be same for plants/flowers but their scientific name will vary so looking at it will help you pick the right oil.

Oils Obtained From Various Parts Of The Same Plant

Sometimes we have essential oils that are derived from different parts or during different stages of the same plant. For example, theessential oil extracted from fresh ginger is different from the one that is obtained from the dry ginger. They are extremely different from each other in every aspect including benefits, way of using them and aroma. So take time and read the label to look for what essential oil you want so next time you go out to buy the right oil you will be more aware of the nuances.

You can the best out of Essential oils if we are more aware about them. Choosing best essential oils from reputed essential oil brands not only ensures good benefits but also makes sure that the essential oil are worth the high price you paid.